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France’s new HD mobile TV experience is flavored Orange

European service provider Orange announced a new HD mobile TV offering for its French Unik mobile subscribers. Available on Orange’s 3G+ UMA platform and a new — and exclusive to Orange — LG Secret KF757 handset, the service lets subscribers watch TV on their Unik handsets via Orange’s 3G+ networks, in Orange WiFi hotspots or over a home network.

“Orange HDTV over 3G+ UMA is the next evolution of our mobile TV service, giving customers an enhanced experience with optimal display quality, easy channel access and simplified browsing,” said Georges Penalver, Orange senior executive VP of group strategic marketing.

Orange’s 3G+ UMA platform combines the two technologies to give customers seamless access and optimal TV quality. The network intelligently chooses the best connection available — Orange Livebox, WiFi or 3G+ — letting customers take advantage of less expensive WiFi networks whenever possible.

“In France 40 percent of mobile TV usage is enjoyed at home," says Raoul Roverato, Orange executive vice president in charge of new growth businesses. “And this trend is growing, with more than 58 percent of customers accessing video on demand (VOD) services and 32 percent watching live TV when at home. By providing better handsets with bigger screens, seamless network access and exciting, high-quality content, Orange is shaping the future of mobile TV.”

Orange’s 3G+ UMA TV service will be available in France on the LG Secret KF757 via the Orange TV Player software or the Orange World portal, and is already available on the Sony Ericsson G705u via the Orange World portal.

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