Fortium secures premium content with Civolution

Civolution, the Netherlands based provider of technology for identifying, managing and monetizing media content, has announced that Fortium, a leading specialist in content protection for the film, entertainment and broadcast industries, has integrated NexGuard watermarking technology in to its PIN-Play protection solution for files and discs for its studio customers. In addition, Civolution’s NexGuard — Pre-Release Screener, already widely used with Fortium’s Patronus anti-rip copy protection for large volume duplication of DVD screeners, can now also include Fortium’s PIN-Play technology on a per-copy basis.

Civolution’s forensic video watermarking solution creates an indelible digital stamp embedded in the content, imperceptible to the human eye, making each piece of content unique. The watermarks allow content owners to identify the source of any potential illicit copies of their materials and offer a deterrent against content theft, as well as material for forensic analysis should piracy occur.

Fortium content protection solutions include Patronus anti-rip for copy protection, PIN-Play control to limit access to the content to authorized users only, and Visimark for batch processing of individual visibly marked copyright messages, which greatly speeds up a traditionally slow process. PIN-Play is a playback access control protection on physical media and files, and offers file protection during storage, transfer and viewing for digital formats.

Civolution also has audio watermarking technology, which has different applications including synchronization between TV programs and applications running in companion devices.