FOR-A Brings ‘Imagination to Creation’ Theme to IBC

FOR-A will continue its “Imagination to Creation” theme during IBC2009 with a demo of its new virtual studio technology and the European debut of the FRC-8000 frame rate converter.

“Innovation and imagination are inseparable concepts for this industry,” said Peter Jones, general manager, FOR-A (UK) Ltd. “If our customers imagine it as a possibility, we’re dedicated to making it a reality through new and innovative products.”

The FRC-8000 multiformat frame rate converter is equipped with a new image processing board for HD and SD format conversion and uses FOR-A’s vector motion compensation technology to perform integrated up, down, and cross conversion. The FRC-8000’s mathematical algorithms perform conversion tasks in two steps, first analyzing the pixels comprising each video frame to predict how they will move on screen, followed by conversion based on the number of lines required at output. Other features include one-touch setup, multichannel audio conversion, and optional two-channel Dolby E encoding and decoding.

FOR-A will also demonstrate VRCAM, a plug-in for its Brainstorm eStudio 3D real-time graphics software package. With VRCAM, a virtual studio can be created without any modifications to existing cameras, lenses, tripods and other parts of an established camera system. Studio operation is simplified because the VRCAM system requires no location data detection sensors or complex calibrations typically required by a traditional virtual studio, when used with the MBP-12CK chroma key option found on FOR-A’s MBP-1244 video card.

With ordinary studio sets, the camera’s range of motion necessarily limits the picture that can be produced, but VRCAM moves a virtual camera through the CG, removing picture limitations and enabling productions that extend beyond the size of the studio. The subject is inserted as a video wall on a CG set and put in place as a CG object, achieving a virtual studio in which the actor’s movements are tied into motion on the CG set. It is a solution for news programs and weather forecasts that use fixed camera work, strong visual productions that are difficult to create with traditional camera work, or smaller-scale video productions. FOR-A also offers a library of background CG sets.

Visit FOR-A in Hall 2, Stand A51/B59.