Eyeheight to launch EB-9 dual-card geNETics chassis

At BVE 2013, Eyeheight will unveil the EB-9 chassis, a new addition to its geNETics modular product range. Accommodating up to two modules, the EB-9 offers and economical alternative to the standard six-module FB-9 for systems in which the larger capacity is not required.

An integral I-Bus control inteface allows the EB-9 to be operated from a remote panel via standard Cat-5 Ethernet cable and RJ45 connectors. Each module can alternatively be controlled locally via an optional Eyeheight FP-9 front panel.

The EBj-9 occupies a standard 19in single rack unit and comes complete with 25W internal power supply accepting 100V to 250V alternating-current. Rear-panel connectivity includes panel and I-Bus interfaces, two additional Ethernet ports, 10 coaxial SDI ports and the mains input.