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Eyeheight to introduce pair of complianceSuiteFC modules

Eyeheight will introduce two new complianceSuiteFC plug-in software modules for Apple Final Cut Studio and Final Cut Express at the 2010 NAB Show.

The company’s legalEyesFC is a video legalizer plug-in based on Eyeheight's long experience of broadcast signal legalization. It offers composite, RGB and simultaneous composite-plus-RGB legalization with user-adjustable soft clipping. Eyeheight’s legalEyesFC supports PAL and NTSC composite domains, variable setup in NTSC and Eyeheight’s advanced nonlinear predictive filtering process, which reduces the risks of content rejection.

The other new module, safeEyesFC, is safe-area generator and image measurement module that provides an extensive range of broadcast safe-area markers and pixel-accurate text height measurements for commercials compliance.

See Eyeheight at NAB Show Booth N4019.