Eyeheight announces KARMAudio, KARMAudioAU automatic loudness controllers

Eyeheight has introduced two new additions to its products line that will be on display at IBC2010. Both address the need for tighter control of audio levels during TV transmissions, particularly the relative levels of programs and interstitials, and they conform to the ITU-R BS.1770 and ATSC A/85:2009 recommendations.

A hardware solution allowing real-time, unattended adaptive loudness and true-peak correction, KARMAudio is based on a geNETics processor and integrates with the full range of geNETics products. It continually monitors the amplitude of incoming audio and makes gradual adjustments to ensure that the overall content complies with a predefined target loudness.

A plug-in for the Apple Mac OS X platform, KARMAudioAU performs offline scaling of the entire program file to match audio loudness to a target LKFS level. KARMAudioAU is accessible to all native OS X processing applications such as Apple's Final Cut and Soundtrack Pro.

See Eyeheight at IBC Stand 8.D92.