EVS’ Media Archive Director takes control

At IBC, EVS showcased its Media Archive Director, a content management system that allows instant media access and the delivery of content on multiple platforms with a central management interface.

The Media Archive Director offers a set of software tools to manage all platforms of the workflows centrally, including their formats, and allows for intelligent media browsing based on metadata and logging. With Media Archive Director, users can ingest clips or media from any source to any networked point and directly archive new content with totally centralized management.

Any content can be found instantly with searchable keywords. The content can be located from any live content available on the production networks, including multicam and multifeed ingested content, to central or distant storage.

Media Archive Director offers intuitive control of robots, automated access to any content, fast and reliable content delivery, optimized management of archived content and end-to-end and multiclient management. It also offers remote access for browsing and control.