Evertz Is Tops at Lyon Video

The Evertz HD2020 Video PassPort Multi-Path converterCOLUMBUS, OHIO
Lyon Video was established in 1987 and is a full-service organization, providing video and film production, post-production, DVD authoring services, along with mobile television production facilities. We specialize in live sports production and our clients list includes ESPN, ESPNU, Fox Sports Ohio, and Speed Channel

In today's mobile video production environment, everyone is looking for the video conversion "silver bullet" that optimizes trade-offs between processing power, system size/weight and ease of use. Selecting the right technology for avoiding some key technology potholes is now more important than ever.

When we were designing the Lyon Video MU5, MU9 and MU10 trucks, we surveyed available video conversion and frame sync technologies to look for a candidate to replace our existing conversion products with something more versatile and compact.

Our search led us to the Evertz HD2020 Video PassPort Multi-Path video converter and frame synchronizer. This was that "silver bullet" that we'd been looking for.

The unit integrates four fully independent and unique up/down/cross conversion paths along with a wide range of video and audio inputs and outputs. Each conversion path includes a full frame synchronizer, format converter with adaptive de-interlacing, color corrector, adaptive video noise reducer and image enhancement.


Over the years, our signal processing requirements have increased exponentially, but physical limitations in a mobile environment mandate that such equipment cannot occupy additional space, or add extra heat and weight to the payload. That's one of the reasons we were drawn to the Evertz HD2020 when we began specifying gear for our HD trucks. It's packaged in a space-saving 1 RU form factor and is designed for 24/7 applications. And as anyone who has ever worked in a truck knows, space is really tight, in front and behind racked-up gear. The Evertz HD2020 has front serviceable and removable processing electronics, in addition to dual power supplies and a removable front control panel. This makes it an ideal unit for mobile applications where working behind a rack is sometimes not a consideration at all.

And while on the subject of front panels, the HD2020's has been designed with an easy-to-use and intuitive operator interface. The unit can be controlled either from the front panel engineering menu, or by front panel hot buttons. Each front panel hot button can be programmed as a "Control Macro," with multiple user-defined parameters. Quick access to user programmable processing profiles is accomplished through simple "double punching" of front panel hot buttons. And should you need remote control, the HD2020 is fully SNMP-enabled and interfaces with the Evertz VLPro Control and Monitoring system.

The Evertz HD2020 is soundly engineered inside and out and has what it takes to do the sort of high quality signal conversion that keeps our customers happy. A mobile environment is tough on any gear and I'm happy to report that Evertz stands up to harsh conditions too. The HD2020 is really the best and only choice for us.

Cris Wollett is chief engineer at Lyon Video Inc. and has been with the company for 14 years. He has been involved in television engineering for more than 35 years. He may be contacted atcwollett@ohiohills.com.

For additional information, contact Evertz at 905-335-3700 or visitwww.evertz.com.