Etere Rolls Out Loudness Control System

(Image credit: Etere)

SINGAPORE—Etere has announced it has developed an advanced loudness measurement system, the ETX-L Loudness Control.

ETX-L features EBU R128 and ITU BS.1770 algorithms signals to measure true-peak audio levels and adjust to the dynamic loudness range required by a particular station. It also offers new technology to address challenges that could arise from the difference dynamic range between broadcast and digital audio, 

The Etere Loudness Control algorithm pre-reads audio data to determine the audio normalization levels. It also allows loudness normalization thresholds to be adjusted and modified as needed. When reading audio data, everything below the threshold will not be automated to avoid incorrect transitions. This enables loudness levels and dynamic range to be optimized according to the requirements of a station. The audio data is then saved and used to regulate audio loudness range dynamically in live sources if audio data cannot be pre-read.

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