Ericsson Releases Data Analysis Toolkit

STOCKHOLM—Broadcasters have another tool to add to their tool belt when it comes to analytics, as Ericsson has announced the launch of Integrated Video Insights. The toolkit helps media players aggregate and analyze data derived from users, video platforms, and networks. Integrated Video Insights is supported by end-to-end framework and is designed to meet the needs for big-data processing in all operational, commercial and customer care areas of a media business.

Integrated Video Insights is available as either a standalone system or as an expansion module for the Ericsson Expert Analytics suite. The system offers advanced customer experience management capabilities, including the delivery of actionable insights.

“With Integrated Video Insights, [media players] can anticipate future operational needs, respond quickly to real-time issues, implement advanced, proactive customer care flows, and ultimately make better business decisions,” said Jean-Philipe Poirault, head of consulting and systems integration at Ericsson.