Equator ships Q8 studio reference monitor

Equator Audio Research is now shipping its Q8 studio reference monitor. The smallest and most affordable monitor in the company’s Q Series line, the Q8 employs the identical design characteristics as its larger siblings.

Measuring 13in x 13in x 13in and featuring an 8in woofer coupled with a high-powered 1in compression horn driver, the Q8 delivers the power and accuracy of Equator’s larger Q Series models in a more compact form factor. A two-way active system, the Q8 enclosure is constructed of 13-ply Baltic birch, heavily braced for cabinet rigidity.

All Q Series monitors feature a Zero-Point Reference coaxial design with digitally controlled transducers. A CPU resides inside the monitor to handle such tasks as matching the transducers and incorporating the crossover. Equator’s no-slope crossover approach reduces the midrange distortion commonly associated with conventional coaxial designs to facilitate highly accurate, natural sounding midrange reproduction.

The Equator Q Series monitors use DSP technology for room optimization. A software application enables the engineer to manually compensate for acoustic anomalies in addition to issues created by placement/boundary and secondary reflections within the listening environment. Along with the environmental compensation, included software also provides control over the monitors, including equalization, mute, solo and phase. An optional calibration kit fully automates the analysis and compensation process and includes a calibrated test microphone.

For more information, visit www.equatoraudio.com.