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Envivio shows 4Caster C4 with newly licensed Microsoft VC-1 encoder

Envivio has licensed the new Microsoft VC-1 encoder to support Windows Media Video (VC-1) within the Envivio Convergence Generation headend solution, which includes the Envivio 4Caster C4 multichannel IP encoder for IPTV and Internet TV applications.

The C4 can be configured to encode in multiple resolutions simultaneously to supply a multiscreen solution for operators wanting to expand their IP-based digital video services. Envivio showed the new VC-1 encoding capabilities of the 4Caster C4 encoder during IBC2007 in Amsterdam.

By enabling both IPTV and Internet TV services from the same VC-1 encoder, a service provider offering both services and using the 4Caster C4 will only need to invest in one headend rather than two, as well as only a single redundancy system and one management system.

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