Envivio highlights new 4Caster C4 firmware upgrade

Envivio showcased its new firmware upgrade for its 4Caster C4 family of three-screen video encoders for IPTV, mobile and Internet TV formats at IBC2010.

With the new 4Caster C4 offering, service providers can reduce the complexity and cost of their video headends by using a single encoder to handle all of the preprocessing of a source, and then output concurrent, high-quality, optimized streams to support any device in their network.

Content and TV channel providers can deploy a single encoder to prepare a channel or content stream for simultaneous distribution to multiple service providers and a variety of delivery platforms. In both cases, the upgrade significantly reduces the need for multiple, parallel silos of equipment.

The new 4Caster C4 firmware provides enhancements that simplify deployment of over-the-top video services, including a native publishing interface for content delivery networks such as Akamai, Level 3 and Limelight, as well as integrated content protection via PlayReady and HLS encryption with built-in key interfaces for major DRM platforms.