ENENSYS Technologies offers end-to-end SFN solution

ENENSYS Technologies has begun offering an end-to-end solution for efficient single frequency network (SFN) broadcasting.

The solution encompasses a complete range of SFN products that minimizes any single point of failure and guarantees content distribution via the SFN. It includes a high-grade MIP inserter offering seamless switchover with SFNguard technology; distribution of SFN streams over IP via the FastCaster and GigaCaster product families; and comprehensive SFN NetMod and LabMod modulators/exciters.

SFN broadcasting requires transmitters from the same SFN cell to deliver the same content at the same time on the same frequency. A single signal that is not synchronized with the others in an SFN or a wrong SFN signal can disturb transmission and cause a complete blackout for several seconds.

To prevent transmitters from receiving a corrupted or interrupted distribution stream, ENENSYS offers a set of redundancy mechanisms acting across the broadcast network.

For more information, visit www.enensys.com.