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E-mediavision releases X-View DPX-E series multiviewers

E-mediavision has made available the X-View DPX-E series of display processors. The X-View DPX-E image processors combine multiviewer and video wall functionality within a single, modular solution.

A variety of input modules enable system designers to configure solutions to accept multiple video inputs in HD, SD, HDMI, YUV, CV and YC as well as computer inputs in DVI or VGA. All video inputs are fully deinterlaced and displayed at full-input video frame rates as progressive images on the display wall.

The XV-IMG4 output module provides four high-resolution DVI, HDMI or VGA outputs. Multiple output modules can be used within a single system frame to support up to 40 high-resolution displays. Operators can create and recall an unlimited amount of custom layouts with real-time control of all input and output functions via the X-View Wall Control application or via on-screen mouse control. Interfacing to third-party system controllers is made easy and simple via the Wall Control’s command line API.