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EMCORE releases 4K Ultra HD ready optical extension cards

EMCORE has introduced the Opticomm-EMCORE OTP-1DVI2A1UKM 4K Ultra ready optical extension cards.

The OTP-1DVI2A1UKM was designed to quickly convert, scale and send secure HD video and audio over fiber within facilities that require the highest-quality video to be displayed. The cards transcode DVI to and from VGA/RGB/RBGHV/YPbPr with EMCORE's proprietary Intelli-scale technology and can instantly scale to the native resolution of any display up to 1920 x 1200 — all in a compact, one-slot transmitter/receiver.

The OTP-1DVI2A1UKM provides seamless transmission of DVI, VGA or component video, audio over fiber and analog stereo audio, as well as provides USB KVM for control of peripherals over long or short distances from 0.5km to 25km.