EditShare Updates Flow MAM System

BOSTON—Users can now access an updated version of EditShare’s Flow media asset management system, as the company has announced that version is now available. New features for the Flow include content delivery to Amazon S3, batch sidecar metadata file processing, support for multi-track audio in AirFlow, and user permissions in Flow Templates.

With the “send to Amazon S3” feature, the EditShare Flow automates migration of content from EditShare shared storage systems to low cost, secure offsite cloud storage. Flow users can automate delivery of clips, sequences and full packages from on-premise storage to S3 or Glacier services.

Support for batch import of sidecar metadata is also now available. During a Flow Scan session, metadata contained in each of the sidecar files is automatically applied to the appropriate clip based on the metadata mappings defined by the users within Flow.

The updated Flow also now has the ability to control playback of individual audio tracks from within the AirFlow web application, allowing for the “soloing” of tracks and muting others during proxy clip playback. This feature is only available in select web browsers that support the AirFlow HTML5 feature.

A new user permission capability for Flow Templates gives administrators granular control over user access to Flow Metadata Templates. Read and edit permissions can be granted across the enterprise or on a per-user basis.

Existing Flow users with a valid EditShare maintenance agreement can download the new Flow here.