EditShare to Highlight EFS and Flow Platforms

(Image credit: EditShare)

LAS VEGAS—EditShare aims to help consumers simplify the process of storytelling, and plan do so this spring by demonstrating its shared storage and collaborative media management products, EFS and Flow.

EFS 2020 is the platform’s latest edition and is designed to power faster EditShare storage nodes and networks on-premise, in the cloud and in hybrid configurations. With EFS 2020, organizations can build collaborative workflows, including Flow 2020. Features of EFS 2020 include security improvements and enhanced throughput performance gains, as well as a set of RESTful APIs for automating advanced storage management workflows.

The Flow 2020 unit is designed to manage the entire media technology stack. It tracks and supervises asset movement across tiered storage environments, including on-premise, nearline, object storage and cloud. The system features panel support for integration with Adobe Premiere Pro and has practical applications of AI, like indexing and organizing hours of video content, eliminating manual logging and standardizing content indexing.

In addition to the products it will have on display, EditShare has created presentations on industry trends and technology topics. Presentations include “Remote Productions: On Ramp to the Cloud,” “Advanced APIs: The Power of Openness” and “Security Best Practices: Keeping Content Safe and Creativity Flowing.”

For more information, visit www.editshare.com.