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EditShare qualifies Snow Leopard for multichannel ingest, shared storage, archiving

EditShare, a provider of crossplatform collaborative editing and shared media storage systems, has announced new compatibility with Apple’s Snow Leopard operating system.

EditShare’s multichannel ingest, shared storage and archiving solutions offer special project sharing capabilities for broadcast, post-production and DI editing workgroups. Because a good portion of EditShare customers use Apple hardware, fully qualifying this OS release for EditShare solutions was a top priority for the company.

With EditShare’s bin-locking/project-locking framework, Mac-based editors using Apple Final Cut Pro and Avid editing applications can instantly see, copy or revise the work of colleagues with the assurance that a bin, sequence or project will never get accidentally deleted or overwritten.

Via a file-manager type interface, editors can clearly see all the bins and project files being used by all editors in their group. Bins and projects belonging to other editors are automatically opened as “read only,” and control can easily be transferred from one editor to another.

EditShare customers moving to Mac OS X Snow Leopard will need to upgrade their DAVE software to Version 8. EditShare customers who purchased DAVE after Aug. 1 can upgrade to Version 8 for free.