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Echolab unveils MegaKeyMD

Echolab has released the MegaKeyMD, a clip player, mixer and keyer that can serve as a networked storage device for animated graphics and video clips.

The MegaKeyMD adds greater flexibility to live productions and brings more power to a smaller switcher, providing valuable mixing and keying capabilities.

In addition to providing convenient graphics and clip storage, the system acts like a miniature M/E bank, simplifying creation of compelling visual elements and supporting the output of multiple independent feeds mixed for different purposes or clients.

Echolab's new MegaKeyMD accepts both HD and SD inputs and features a two-channel internal mixer and internal linear keyer to support playout of dynamic video clips. The system is fully integrated with Echolab's Overture switcher series to support complex animated transitions through the switcher’s stinger feature.

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