EAW ships six new SMS Series wall-mount speakers

Loudspeaker manufacturer EAW has rounded out its new SMS Series of wall-mount speakers with the release of six models. These include the SMS1990, SMS2124, SMS2990, SMS4124, SMS4940 and SMS4990. The series is designed for a wide range of foreground, background and paging applications, incorporating sophisticated electro-acoustic technologies that provide optimum directionality, high output levels and high-quality sound, along with a mounting system.

At the heart of each SMS Series two-way loudspeaker is EAW's Theta Technology, which uses tuned driver spacing to create low-frequency pattern control by placing pairs of smaller woofers symmetrically around the high-frequency subsystem. The spaced woofers maintain pattern control into the LF range to complement the wide-by-narrow coverage delivered by the high-frequency subsystems. The result is wide, well-controlled horizontal patterning, meaning fewer loudspeakers are needed per project.

Well-controlled vertical patterns allow the installer to easily avoid projecting sound onto ceilings and other highly reflective surfaces, while transient response is optimized for maximum intelligibility, with high efficiency translating to lower power requirements. A variety of coverage dispersion options are available. SMS2124 and SMS4124 models feature a 120 x 40-degree coverage pattern. The SMS4940 features a 90 x 40-degree pattern, while the remaining three models all feature a 90 x 90-degree coverage pattern.

SMS Series loudspeakers also feature Clip-Fit, a new mounting system that houses all connections for the loudspeaker via a single Molex connector. The installer just clips the loudspeakers onto the Clip-Fit arm, and in one motion, the audio connection is terminated and the loudspeaker is live. The wall-mount unit also provides a pan/tilt positioning range for precise aiming. For basic installations, SMS loudspeakers are also provided with U-brackets, allowing conventional wiring and adjustment of the loudspeaker's down-tilt.

For more information, visit http://eaw.com/products/commercial/surfacemount/index.html.