Dugan mix controllers gain firmware updates

Dan Dugan Sound Design has released firmware updates containing new internal programs for the Model E and Model E-1 automatic mixing controllers. Dugan says the updates contain an important bug fix as well as improved routines for connecting to a computer.

Updates to the Model E controllers include the implementation of APIPA, also known as AutoIP. When the unit is in DHCP mode and no DHCP server is available, the new functionality will randomly select an IP address automatically after about one minute in the range of to If the IP is already taken, the process repeats until an open IP address is found.

APIPA is already implemented in all PCs running Windows and Mac OS 8.5 and later, including Mac OS X, so users no longer have to handle manual IP addresses if they just want to talk to a stand-alone E or E-1. According to Dugan, users simply need to set their computer and the E or E-1 in DHCP mode, connect the two with a Cat 5 cable, wait about a minute and launch the Web interface from the computer.

Current Model E and E-1 users should check their Web control panel to determine their current versions of the firmware. Current Model E versions are Firmware 2.1, DSP 1.6 and Web CP 1.4; Model E-1 versions are Firmware v1.2, DSP 1.6 and Web CP 1.4. If an update is required, ZIP archives containing the update files and installation instructions may be found in the download directory at the company’s Web site. Users are cautioned not to attempt to install Model E firmware on a Model E-1 or vice versa. The Web control panel CDs will run either model.