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Dreampark debuts SVG-based TV middleware

Middleware provider Dreampark will demonstrate its next-generation SVG-based TV middleware as well as the newest release of its Dreamgallery middleware, featuring Picture This! live MMS.

Dreamgallery takes advantage of open standards, such as HTML and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), to give operators full control of their TV portals for customization and regionalization. The introduction of Dreampark's SVG-based middleware optimizes the response times and speed of IPTV services while providing GUI opportunities and performance for HD graphics.

Dreampark's new Dreamgallery IPTV middleware includes live MMS to the TV, mobile PVR, prepaid, Dreamlets and RSS support. Enhanced network PVR end-user features include start over, historical EPG, scheduled recordings, record current event and time-shifted TV.

See Dreampark at IBC2008 Stand 5.A21, or visit