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Drawmer to feature Kickbox 4x4 splitter at AES

In response to customer demand for durable, professional-grade mic/line inputs with multiple outputs for broadcast, live sound and location recording, Drawmer has engineered the all new Kickbox 4x4 portable active splitter that will be showcased at the 125th AES Convention in San Francisco, Booth 1416. Housed inside a rugged, road-ready carrying case, the Kickbox 4x4 accepts up to four XLR mic/line inputs and delivers them with full fidelity to up to 16 XLR line-level outputs. The Drawmer Kickbox 4x4 will be distributed in the United States by Transaudio Group.

The Kickbox 4x4’s excellent fidelity, robust build and portability make it the ideal tool to provide multiple outputs for broadcast, press conferences, live sound, sports events or any situation where distribution of mic or line inputs to multiple outputs is required. Its four studio-grade mic/line preamps each provide phantom power, independent metering and up to 66dB of gain. The 16 balanced output stages each provide a “transformer-loaded” LED and the option of transformer isolation.

The Kickbox 4x4 can be configured to any of four routing schemes: one input to 16 outputs; two inputs each to eight outputs; four inputs each to four outputs; and one input to 12 outputs simultaneously with one input to four outputs. The 4x4 sports a road-proof case with a removable lid for unhindered access to all controls and connections. A headphone input with selectable source simplifies setup and monitoring.

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