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DK-Technologies to feature MSC100C loudness meter at Broadcast Expo 2010

DK-Technologies will showcase its MSD100C loudness meter Feb. 16-18 at Broadcast Video Expo 2010 in London. The company also will show its MSD600M++ audio meter and its PT0760 multichannel waveform monitor, both of which can incorporate DK’s proprietary Loudness software.

Developed in response to requests from broadcasters and production houses, DK’s Loudness software is designed to tackle the issue of the perceived loudness of audio signals.

Available as a stand-alone unit (the MSD100C) or as a feature in any of the company’s flagship metering and waveform monitoring products, DK’s Loudness software incorporates ITU Recommendations BS.1770 and BS.1771, which specify the algorithms that should be used to measure audio program loudness.