DK-Technologies highlights PM5639 color analyzer set

DK-Technologies showcased its PM5639 color analyzer set for measurement of both CRT and LCD monitors during IBC2007.

The PM5639 includes an LCD probe, a CRT probe and a display unit. The LCD probe has a stand to hold it steady in front of the monitor screen, while the CRT probe comes with a suction cup to secure it to the screen. The entire set is packaged in a handy flight case, making it easy to transport.

The PM5639 LCD/CRT is intended for broadcast and post-production facilities, particularly those making the switch from CRT to LCD that need a way to calibrate both types of monitor.

The LCD color probe is specially designed for white point alignment of LCD monitors. Both probes use proprietary, stable dichroic optical filters to split the screen light into its color components, which is necessary to determine the chromaticity coordinates of the screen.

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