DK's PT0760M Monitor Scores at Olympics

STAINES, England
In 2008, NEP Visions won a contract to supply NBC with broadcast services in connection with coverage of the Beijing Olympics. To comply with this request we put together a kit that included 40 cameras in flyaway units, which were shipped to China ahead of the games and located in various positions around Beijing. These were used to capture the gymnastics, the athletics and the opening and closing ceremonies.


To check the quality of our broadcasts we needed to integrate reliable waveform monitors with the cameras. We looked at several options before choosing a new product from DK-Technologies, the PTO760M multichannel video waveform monitor.

Targeted at outside broadcast companies such as ours (as well as production studios and master control rooms), the PT0760M seemed the ideal solution because of its feature set. Options are available for four separate auto-sensing HD/SD inputs that allow for the simultaneous display of four individual waveforms showing signal components. The monitor also has a DVI output for displaying four simultaneous waveform displays, along with audio metering, on an outboard screen.

Rob Newton Another feature of the PT0760M that we really liked was its field upgrade capability, allowing us to change functions and performance without returning it to the factory. This was put to the test in Beijing when we needed a software upgrade. It was achieved in only a few minutes and without any operational problems. We also like the fact that the unit is very easy to use and provides user presets, user-definable gamut error settings and user-definable soft-keys.

It looked as if our only real problem would be in securing enough of the monitors in time for the Olympics. DK wasn't officially shipping the first units until August, but we needed them much earlier for testing and then shipping them on to China.


Luckily for us, DK managed to rush production of six units in time for us to test them at Wimbledon 2008. Our units were literally serial numbered one to six and were used to monitor a number of key matches. Within hours of the Wimbledon final, they were being packed up for the journey to Beijing.

One advantage of having a lightweight unit such as the PT0760M is the difference it makes in your shipping costs. The DK unit is much lighter than a tube-based waveform monitor—and much more cost-effective to ship. When you're flying equipment overseas, lighter is better.

I spent two weeks in China overseeing the broadcasts and observed that the DK units were incredibly reliable. There were absolutely no problems, which is always a good sign with such a new piece of technology.

Our experiences with the PT0760M were so positive that we are now planning to take delivery of a second batch. The unit can do a lot more than we needed it to do in Beijing and we're really looking forward to exploring all of its other features, especially the audio metering options for stereo and 5.1 surround, particularly as it now has Dolby E decoding as an option.

We now have a product that can adapt to our future requirements without us having to invest in new hardware.

Rob Newton's career in television production goes back to 1982 when he started with the BBC. He has been technical director at NEP Visions since 2003. He may be contacted at

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