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DK Technologies to Show Enhanced Software, Test Options

DK Technologies will introduce a new HD sync and patterns generator option for its PT5300 HD-SD Sync Generator. The option supports all tri-level sync formats and is also downward compatible with SDI and analog video.

The company will also show new software for its flagship audio meter, the MSD600M++. Aimed at all engineers who are currently working with surround sound trailers and commercials for movie theaters, the new Graphical Leq software package allows users to mix to the highest score on the Leq loudness standard. SMPTE timecode input allows automated start/stop points and gives a direct readout of where the sound material can be optimized for louder trailers/commercials. There is also new Windows-based software for internal matrix setting, a USB interface utility module and BNC versions of the input/output modules.

DK Technologies will be in Booth C2757.