Discreet Updates 3ds max Animation Software

Discreet upgraded its 3ds max professional 3D animation and modeling software to Version 5 with new features designed to improve realism, character animation and productivity.

The new version introduces enhanced global illumination methods for subtle and accurate lighting to help produce a natural look for previsualized or finished animations; reactor, Discreet's embedded, integrated and interactive physics engine; and new texture mapping capabilities to accurately marry image data to mesh models.

Control and finesse in character animation is improved with tools such as a new Set Key system, Curve and Dope Sheet editor and Merge Animation tools for repurposing character animation segments.

3ds max 5 also includes backburner for efficient management of free network rendering (including control over Discreet combustion, desktop 3D compositing and paint seats) and new license-sharing options for networked groups of animators sharing 3ds max in a LAN environment.