Digital Rapids rolls out Stream 2.2 software

Digital Rapids unveiled version 2.2 of its Stream software at NAB2006.

The Stream software provides a simple, streamlined interface for video and audio ingest, encoding, transcoding and distribution. Enhancements in Stream 2.2 include new video processing plug-ins, extended MPEG support and additional closed caption support.

Stream 2.2 adds support for software-based video processing plug-ins that can be used to modify the incoming video during live ingest or during transcoding. Stream 2.2 includes plug-ins for graphic or video overlay, enabling still images or motion video to be superimposed over the input source. The plug-in architecture is designed to accept future Digital Rapids or third-party plug-ins.

MPEG-related enhancements include a new post-encode muxing tool; enhanced support for CableLabs-compliant files; additional closed captioning options; and additions to the Stream software’s MPEG-2 unicast and multicast streaming capabilities.

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