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Digital Nirvana shows loudness monitoring at Broadcast Asia

Digital Nirvana is featuring its Monitor IQ broadcast monitoring system (BMS) at Broadcast Asia 2012, which wraps up today in Singapore.

The company is highlighting loudness monitoring and audio logging capability, including OEM software licensed from Minnetonka Audio Software as part of Monitor IQ.

Minnetonka Audio’s AudioTools Loudness Measurement module enables Monitor IQ users to measure audio levels, perform quality control monitoring, record and log broadcast signals.

There are several international standards for loudness that require strict monitoring and compliance. These include: the international ITU BS.1770 standards; ATSC A/85; EBU R 128; AGCOM (Italy); and others. Monitor IQ incorporates Minnetonka Audio’s proprietary software within a broader feature set for loudness monitoring and logging of virtually all audio standards.