Densitron Intelligent Display System Gets New Touchscreens

Densitron IDS TS16.3
IDS TS16.3 (Image credit: Densitron)

CRAWLEY, U.K.—Densitron has debuted a quartet of new touchscreens for its Intelligent Display System (IDS) range that provide both control of IDS and third-party broadcast systems.

The four touchscreens include the 6.6-inch IDS TS6.6, with a 1440x240 pixel array with 222 PPI resolution; the 10.1-inch IDS TS10.1, which incorporates an IPS TFT with 1200x1920 resolution display and control unit; the 2x 6.6-inch IDS TS13.2, which also features IPS TFT with 2x 1440x240 displays providing 222 PPI resolution; and the 16.3-inch IDS TS16.3, with IPS TFT 1920x285 resolution.

All of the new touchscreens run IDS software to display information and alerts about the users’ broadcast systems. They feature multitouch displays and can be deployed to provide ergonomic network control. There is connection to the IDS network via Ethernet. The monitors can be used for tasks like production and off-set timing, clocks and tally information and live visual feedback.

Densitron also announced the end-point R7 SBC for use with IDS products. R7 incorporates a high-performance AMD Embedded System-on-Chip (SOC) design with dual core @ 1.2 GHz processing and 4 GB inbuilt memory. It also has multiple I/O options and 32GB storage.

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