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Deltacast to unveil DELTA-sport HD with 3D overlay at NAB Show

At the 2010 NAB Show, Deltacast will highlight its new DELTA-sport HD 6.2 with capabilities for 3D overlay generation. Loaded with advanced features, Version 6.2 was extensively used in the recent Orange Africa Cup of Nations in Angola.

DELTA-sport HD 6.2 provides an advanced 3D rendering engine that allows integration of complex 3D animated objects and scenes in the field view. 3D models can be imported directly from a large set of 3D modeling software. Due to the high-performance camera-tracking function and real-time rendering effects, 3D objects are present and stable. Rendering effects include simulated reflections, material effects and virtual lightning control.

DELTA-sport is a sensor-free system based on image processing, dedicated to display the virtual graphics during live sports production. It features a reliable rule-checking system and allows fast generation of offside lines and allows instantaneous verification of the overlays by the operator.

DELTA-stat is an inexpensive scheme for customized live sports branding. The operation requires no graphics and no software knowledge, and allows for internal or external keying.