Dejero Updates LIVE+ Mobile App

WATERLOO, ONTARIO—Dejero has announced an updated version of its LIVE+ mobile app, a smartphone or tablet app that allows journalists to broadcast live while on the go. Some of the new features for the upgraded app include an exposure and focus lock, and a simplified on-screen zoom capability.

Dejero's LIVE+ mobile app

The new automatic exposure and automatic focus lock feature offers control for situations in which automatic adjustments are not ideal. By tapping and holding onto a specific area in the frame, users are able to select what area is focused on, as well as manually adjust and lock exposure levels. Additionally, users can now zoom in and out with a sliding motion thanks to the new on-screen zoom bar.

The new version of the LIVE+ mobile app for iOS is now available for free download via the Apple App Store. Users must have a license to send live feeds and recorded or edited files to a server.