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Danley brings the Matterhorn to NSCA

At the recent NSCA show, Danley Sound Labs unveiled the Matterhorn, a behemoth 40-driver, 40kW self-powered subwoofer. The Matterhorn offers a bass output of two full octaves lower than any subwoofer on the market (-3dB at 12Hz) and can produce 105dB of output at 250m. The system is housed within a massive shipping container, 8ft x 8ft x 20ft, with a built-in generator on board.

In addition to drivers and amps, construction of the Matterhorn required 1100ft of 12-gauge speaker cable, 23lbs of welding wire, 53 sheets of 4ft by 8ft Baltic birch plywood and roughly 5000 heavy-duty screws and bolts. The process broke down two drills, a grinder and a portable band saw, and consumed $200 worth of drill bits.

Inside the show, Danley demonstrated its full line of conventional subwoofers, including the new TH-50, TH-112, TH-215 and DTS 20, as well as the new SH-25 full-range loudspeakers, which are simultaneously arrayable in both the horizontal and vertical planes. The TH-50 provides flat response down to 20Hz with a sensitivity of 95dB 1w/1m and power handling of 1500W.

Danley Sound Labs uses synergy-horn and tapped-horn technologies, which apply acoustical principles to circumvent compromises. As a result, Danley designs deliver flat frequency response, extended low-end from extremely compact enclosures and tight, seamlessly arrayable pattern control, even at high SPLs.

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