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Dalet Partners With Interra Systems for Expanded Quality Control

PARIS—Interra Systems’ Baton platform will be integrated into the Ooyala Flex Media Platform as part of an expanded technology partnership established by Interra and Dalet.

The Baton machine-learning and AI-enabled automated file-based quality control platform will provide comprehensive quality and compliance checks for VOD content for linear and streaming workflows both in the cloud and on premises. The technology will be specifically integrated into the Ooyala Flex platform as well as Dalet Galaxy five, which previously utilized Interra technology.

Working with the Ooyala platform, this integration is designed to address QC throughout the supply chain, automating quality checks at various stages. Baton’s QC reports can be populated automatically to metadata fields for each asset within the workflow for users to view the results.

“The integration of our platforms with the industry-leading BATON QC platform provides an automated solution for accelerated delivery of high-quality, tested content, opening the door for media companies to increase their operational efficiency and better monetize their catalogs, no matter their business model,” said Bea Alonso, director of product marketing at Dalet