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da Vinci Paints a Fresh Picture With New Processing Technologies

At NAB2007, da Vinci Systems will show its new Resolve Conform Station, a time-saving solution for digital intermediate workflows.

Conform Station takes the conforming, proxy generating, and QC processes out of the expensive DI suite. Instead, with Resolve Conform Station, it can be done in a fully integrated parallel workstation.

For DI facilities working in high-resolution projects, the Resolve Conform Station can quickly generate lower-resolution proxy files using da Vinci's exclusive Transformer technology.

da Vinci also will introduce its Telecine Pre-Programmer, used to control a telecine's transport and color parameters, ideally suited for a dailies environment.

da Vinci will also feature other products including the Resolve Digital Mastering Suite. Resolve configurations now include six-vector secondary correction and support for external mattes to quickly isolate regions or colors for selective processing. Resolve's new PowerMastering feature provides real-time generation of multiple deliverables from a color-corrected 2K resolution master without rendering back to storage, each with uniquely applied color and sizing settings.

Splice virtual telecine, introduced at NAB2006, will be demonstrated in its second-generation version, enabling da Vinci 2K/2K Plus users to bridge their existing color-correction equipment into nonlinear processing.

da Vinci will be in booth SL2615.