Cypress partners with InPhase Technologies on holographic data storage drive

As broadcasters look to store more content as files in automated archives, the search is on for alternatives to data tape. One storage medium that shows promise is holographic storage. The Tapestry holographic data storage system from InPhase promises a 50-year lifespan and high storage densities.

InPhase Technologies has partnered with Cypress Semiconductor to supply a CMOS image sensor for Tapestry. The sensor will perform the high-speed data reading recorded by the Tapestry drive. The Cypress CMOS imager enables data to be read at 500fps. A data page records approximately .12MB of data. Each of these collections of data pages is then referred to as a book. This new recording technique enables more holograms to be stored in the same volume of material by overlapping not only pages, but also books of data. This dramatically increases the storage density.

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