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CSI's One Fiber System Carries Four Audio Channels

Communications Specialties has released the Pure Digital Fiberlink 4040 Series fiber optic transmission system for digital transmission of four independent audio channels over single mode of multimode fiber.

The 4040 transmitter and 4041 receivers can be installed in professional A/V and broadcast applications including theatres, auditoriums and clubs. The four channels can be used to transmit four audio signals, two sets of stereo signals or to support four-channel surround sound. Each audio channel can be configured individually by the user for either balanced or unbalanced input and output with or without input termination.

The 4040 series features 20 Hz to 20 kHz bandwith, a 24-bit sampling rate of 96 kHz and a max audio level greater than +20 dBm. Compatible with all analog line level audio sources and operating over a temperature range using 9-24 volt AC or DC power, the systems consist of two units (transmitter and receiver), each equipped with indicator LED's to show the presence of power and audio signals. The system is available in box or card version.