Crystal Vision Releases ST 2110, ST 2022 Compatible IP Gateways

WHITTLESFORD, England—A trio of new IP gateways are now being shipped by Crystal Vision, all of which are compatible with both ST 2110 and ST 2022 video.



The Crystal Vision IP gateways—M-GWSDIIP-6, M-GWIPSDI-6 and M-GWIPIP-6—are software apps running on the Marble-V1 media processor hardware that are designed for transporting uncompressed video over 10GbE IP networks. IP inputs and outputs are individually selectable between ST 2022 and ST 2110, allowing the gateways to be used with both protocols, including at the same time if required.

The M-GWSDIIP-6 and M-GWIPSDI-6 gateways are meant for integrating SDI into an IP environment and IP into an SDI environment. The M-GWIPIP-6 is an IP to IP translator app for when different IP areas are connected together. Each gateway features six channels and have flexible internal routing, removing the need for additional distribution amplifiers and routing switches.

All three gateways are now available for purchase.

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