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Crystal Vision releases Smart Switch 3G

Crystal Vision has released its new Smart Switch 3G, designed to ensure broadcasters make the most reliable use of their main and backup program feeds. Smart Switch 3G provides intelligent 2 x 2 switching to a backup signal source by monitoring two 3Gb/s, HD or SD video inputs with up to four groups of embedded audio, and switching between the sources if a specified fault condition arises.

Smart Switch 3G will extract information about various parts of the video signal to decide which of the two inputs is better, based on the engineer's own selection of which faults are significant. The parameters that can be selected to create an alarm and perform a switch are input missing, input video standard incorrect, EDH missing, EDH full field error, EDH active picture error, line CRC error, active video black, active video frozen, audio Group 1 missing, audio Group 2 missing, audio Group 3 missing, audio Group 4 missing and silence on a specific audio channel.