Crystal Vision Launches Safe Switch 3G

Safe Switch 3G provides clean and intelligent 2x2 switching between two 3 Gbps, HD or SD sources. The clean switching comes from the framestore synchronizer on each input and the ability to connect it to an external analog reference, which means that Safe Switch 3G can correct for any timing difference between the two inputs resulting in no disruption to the output picture when a switch takes place.

Up-Down 3G is now available in five versions (the two new versions are Up-Down-AT 3G and Up-Down-ATX 3G). This up/down/cross converter allows flexible conversions between 3 Gbps, HD and SD sources and it can perform two conversions simultaneously — putting out co-timed dual outputs that remain constant in format, even if the input changes.

Q-Down-A 3G has been upgraded to become Q-Down-AG 3G, with new features including enhanced GPI flexibility and the ability to cope with both analog and digital SD blanking widths.