Crystal Vision introduces new up/down/crossconverter

Crystal Vision has introduced its Up-and-down-AAFD, a multifunctional board designed to up/down/crossconvert video signals containing embedded audio, provide flexible aspect-ratio conversion for SD sources, and insert SMPTE 2016 Active Format Description data into the output video for aspect-ratio correction by downstream equipment.

Up-and-down-AAFD offers upconversion of SD to 720p and 1080i at 50Hz and 59.94Hz, downconversion of 720p and 1080i to SD at 50Hz and 59.94Hz, and crossconversions of 720p to 1080i and 1080i to 720p.

The Up-and-down-AAFD fits in Crystal Vision's standard frames (in 4RU, 2RU, 1RU and desktop box sizes) alongside any other product from the range, with the flexible control alternatives including PC software.