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Crystal Vision detects illegal colors

Crystal Vision has announced its latest color corrector and legalizer, the CoCo 3G. CoCo 3G is a color corrector and legalizer for 25 different video standards. Designed for whole picture color correction or for ensuring that the broadcast color gamut is always legal, it allows flexible adjustments in both the RGB and YUV color spaces. With control options to suit all preferences, CoCo 3G includes an impressive list of features, including numerous RGB and YUV adjustments, advanced correction for gamut errors, preview mode with illegal signal value highlighting, relay bypass protection and even optional integrated fiber input/output connectivity.

Color corrector and legalizer for whole picture adjustments in the RGB and YUV domains can be used with any source. It works with 3Gb/s, HD and SD sources and 25 different video standards. It has a wide range of RGB color correction tools such as independent gain, lift and gamma. It also includes a wide range of YUV video level tools such as independent and overall lift and gain, hue phase adjustment and black clean up.

It changes YUV colors illegal in RGB to be valid in RGB by desaturating the color without changing the hue. Adjustments can be previewed and perfected with a horizontal or vertical wipe between the processed and unprocessed signal for a before and after comparison. It can easily remove any unwanted picture material with adjustable horizontal and vertical cropping. Optional integrated fiber input/output activity can be used with embedded audio sources.