Corbis chooses Rhozet for video transcoding

Rhozet has announced that Corbis, which offers products to corporations for managing digital media assets, chose its video transcoding technology. Corbis is using Rhozet’s Carbon Coder software to enable delivery of their customers’ content in various media formats.

The Corbis Media Management platform is used to support business applications such as marketing extranets, brand portals and digital asset libraries. With the addition of Carbon Coder to its suite of digital media tools, Corbis will begin offering its customers enhanced transcoding services.

Previously available for still imagery only, Carbon Coder is now applicable for transcoding audio and video. It is a universal transcoding application that facilitates the transfer of media between acquisition, editing, playout, archive, Web and mobile platforms.

Carbon Coder can run as a standalone application or as part of a multinode, automated rendering farm. It is scalable and can be used in a broad range of business environments, from specialized studios to enterprise-scale installations.

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