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Company unveils vsnIPtransfer4 in Amsterdam

At IBC2008, vsn introduced the fourth generation of its content transfer tool, vsnIPTransfer4. New functions include an advanced hierarchy of use permissions; the ability to order and carry out remote content transfers; and a new API that allows third-party companies to integrate the product with their own applications. Also included in the version are two new modules: an advanced administration service and a catalog management client.

The vsnIPTransfer4 now incorporates a production forecast management system that is able to operate alone or can be integrated with various NRCS systems, such as Avid iNews. Once forecasts have been published, any remote node may “subscribe” to virtual contents so that content will be automatically submitted to every “subscriber” as soon as it gets to the server node. When all downloads have finished, journalists will be notified that materials are available, even though the content can be viewed and edited soon after the transfer has begun.

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