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Clear-Com to showcase suite of new products

At IBC2007, Clear-Com will present a suite of new technology, including Clear-Com Encore, Tempest 2400, CellCom/FreeSpeak, Eclipse V-Series panels and Eclipse Easi-PiCo.

Encore is a party-line intercom system offering a contemporary look with an updated user-interface, dark blue body with LED indicators and enhanced audio quality.

The Eclipse V-Series panels are designed for the Eclipse Digital Matrix intercom system. They include new pushbutton and lever key variants and a range of full display extension panels.

The new Tempest 2400 license-free, wireless intercom system uses frequency hopping spread spectrum in conjunction with TDMA technology. It operates in the unlicensed 2.4GHz band and supports up to 50 full duplex wireless beltpacks.

The CellCom/FreeSpeak digital wireless intercom system combines digital matrix technology with a locally distributed wireless network and operates in the license-free 1.9GHz band.

The new Eclipse Easi-PiCo is a pre-configured entry-level digital matrix intercom system, specifically designed for small and growing production teams.

See Clear-Com at IBC2007 in Stand 9.141, or visit