Clear-Com to demo hybrid network at IBC

Clear-Com Communication Systems will exhibit its new Hybrid Time-Division Multiplexing (TDM) Matrix/IP server Network at IBC.

Already purchased by large broadcasters in France, Germany and Hungary, the Hybrid Network is a combination of traditional TDM-based intercom systems with IP solutions. It was designed to extend the reach of intercom capabilities to more users without the need for increased infrastructure.

At the heart of the Hybrid Network is Clear-Com’s Eclipse Version 5.1 digital matrix intercom system, which powers all the user control panels and beltpacks. A new 32-channel high-density IP connection card, IVC-32, is slotted into the Eclipse Median and Omega system frames to link users of the IP-enabled V-Series control panels and Clear-Com Concert 2.0 with traditional control panel and wireless beltpack users.

With the Hybrid Network, remote crews producing sports events or breaking news no longer need to transport intercom hardware to the scene. Instead they can dial into the main studio intercom, powered by the Eclipse, using laptop computers with the Concert 2.0 software.

At the same time, by utilizing the IP link between the V-Series and Eclipse, hardware panels can plug and play via Ethernet, making it possible to extend them to locations that previously were inaccessible for intercoms due to cost or geographic factors.

Clear-Com’s I.V.Core technology, a low-latency and highly intelligent audio routing engine makes it possible for Intercom-over-IP solutions. I.V.Core is a set of building blocks and engines enabling real-time, dynamic and nonblocking intercom capabilities over a standard IP network.

I.V.Core’s intelligent decision engine routes only the audio actually needed, rather than all IP streams, optimizing the use of bandwidth. Allowing wideband codecs to be used where they would previously be limited by bandwidth constraints, I.V.Core enables a given Internet connection to support much higher quality audio than conventional systems.