Cinegy to launch new products IBC for ingest, branding

At IBC2010, Cinegy will launch its new product family, Cinegy Capture, with Cinegy Capture Express. One or multiple instances can be installed on a server or standard PC with the respective number of SDI cards. Once started, Cinegy Capture announces itself to the network as an appliance that can be controlled remotely via a Silverlight-based Web client, which runs on Windows and Mac OS X alike.

Also part of the Cinegy Capture family, Capture Web is intended for Web streaming and provides real-time H.264 SD and HD encoding for Flash, QT and Smooth Streaming. The API is public and has been submitted to the AMWA-EBU FIMS committee as a media services standards proposal.

Cinegy’s new CG module, Cinegy Type, is an add-on for Cinegy’s Air product family. From simple ticker tapes and lower thirds to multilayer character animations, Cinegy Type includes a whole range of effects and features. The new module addresses simple requirements such as logo insertion right through to complex branding with picture in picture and background squeeze.

See Cinegy at IBC Stand 7.A30.