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Chyron Releases Lyric Pro Software

At NAB2006, Chyron will introduce Lyric Pro, designed to enhance live graphics production workflow.

Based on Chyron's interFuse technology, the Lyric Pro software incorporates full-time rendering, allowing scenes to be added, removed or transitioned at any point during an animation, regardless of the status of on-air graphics messages. It allows users to create and use 2D and 3D elements in the same scene and features an integrated DVE for both SD and HD. In addition, Lyric Pro has a toolset that allows timeline-controlled audio editing, as well as allowing movie files to be applied to 2D and 3D surfaces and the creation of live particle effects including fire, sparks, frost and glitter.

Targeted for live news, sports and events, interFuse allows users to assign unique effect properties to individual objects, graphics layers and entire scenes in Interactive Messages, with the ability to control how elements enter a scene, interact with each other, update and exit.

"We're very excited about the new Lyric Pro Software and Chyron's breakthrough interFuse technology," said Steve Ellis, Chyron's vice president of worldwide sales. "With simplicity of use and superior engineering, Lyric Pro is poised to revolutionize the way on-air graphics are built."

Chyron is currently shipping Lyric Pro, which is available as an option for the company's Hyper(X) and LEX graphics platforms.

Chyron will be in Booth SU2964.